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'2nd National Conference On Teaching, Learning & Leadership

The outcome of the 'National Conference' was that teaching, a sensitive and committed tool for a social change needs teachers who believe that learning is as important for themselves as it is for their students - teaching and 'teachers' learning' go side-by-side complimenting each other in their pursuit to spread quality education. And also that the educators need to have a clear vision, mission and commitment to create leaders from the vast pool of youngsters, who are out there hoping to get educated.,..Continue Reading »

Insights on Education

Dr Vijayam Ravi,Brainfeed Magazine

Child care With A view

WeCare is rewriting the way childcare has worked & operated in this country up until now. Ahead of their grand launch at the cyber-city of Hyderabad, Brainfeed catches up with its charismatic MD - Reshma Shrinivas, to understand the route map of their success in Bengaluru. ...

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Special interviews

  • Maya Sukumaran, Brainfeed Magazine

    In these times when every information is well accessible via internet,is there a need for any special survey? Comment.
    Social Media is useful in its own way to give ample information. Information available on social websites, may be trustworthy – orotherwise..
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  • David Boddy, Brainfeed Magazine

    What makes you a part of such a survey initiative?
    We need to know where we fi gure. If we don't come up to the expectation, a feedback could be given to schools and the areas of improvement are always there.There are certain parameters that the school needs,..... Continue Reading »

  • K Lakshmi Rao, Brainfeed Magazine

    According to you what will be the benefi t for being a part of school surveys?
    The benefi t of being a part of such surveys is threefold- 1. It helps the school understand about where it stands in all parametersfrom an outsider's perspective. 2. It helps boost the morale of the staff and gives them ...
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