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21st Century Learning driven by New Age Architectural Paradigm

Bangalore headquartered Education Design Architects (esb 2010), a specialised new generation architectural design & consulting fi rm for educational infrastructure has executed more than 20 projects in the last four years. EDA is jointly promoted by globally renowned award winning fi rm Fielding Nair International, USA and DSP Design Associates. Recently, EDA bagged the “Innovation in Learning Spaces” Award from the Indian chapter of Swissbased World Didac at the 6th edition of its .....Continue Reading »

Insights on Education

Dr Vijayam Ravi,Brainfeed Magazine

Sustaining Excellence in Educational Institutions

Developing a strong communication practices: Literacy is important, but using literacy to effectively communicate is much more than this. Content, strategies, improving communications must be an integral part of the system. Right from KG classes, schools start dumping writing exercises on children that should be totally abolished. Early childhood education practices insist that teachers train children to listen to instructions, speak their mind as a part of the first stage of learning. Reading and writing comes much later. But unfortunately, some schools start straight away with alphabets and English language. Even when children are not ready yet to understand their own mother tongue, a foreign language is coming as a medium to express emotions... Continue Reading »

Special interviews

  • Maya Sukumaran, Brainfeed Magazine

    "Teachers’ Role in Modern Society" Mrs. Maya Sukumaran,Principal Gitanjali Senior School,Hyderabad.The humanity that our politics and administration handle, is the end-product of a processing, ..
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  • David Boddy, Brainfeed Magazine

    Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS), which manages a Federation of a dozen top British Boarding Schools to recruit Indian pupils, has been engaged here for over a year now. Autar Nehru in an interview with David Boddy, ... Continue Reading »

  • K Lakshmi Rao, Brainfeed Magazine

    K.Lakshmi Rao,Academic Director,Jain group of institutions Hyderabad.If we ‘Walk our Talk’ as elders, children will also learn certain moral values. I strongly believe that values are caught not taught.”..

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