July Issue:The Olympiad Fad

Well, it is but natural that most of the parents spend all they have, wishing that their children live up to their dreams.
But, the big question here is,are the children too equally reciprocal? Sometimes we get to see certain cases where the child undergoes a lot of pressure just to fulfill his/ her parents' wish, whether he/ she likes it or not, goes to a particular college/school, opts for the subject which are not much to his/her liking… but goes there, studies hard does everything that is possible Cover Story (though not very willingly) to make his/her parents happy. This is just not it, many a time,the children areput under a great deal of pressure in the name of this 'mock'......Continue Reading »

Insights on Education

Sustaining Excellence in Educational Institutions

To sustain excellence, appoint excellence. No other way!
Schools and colleges are the only institutions that have not faced any recession in the last few years. Every other field of human activity is badly hit. Why so? Because, children are the fundamental reason for a school's existence and this is the place where human excellence has to be churned out. Parents do not wish to take a risk. They are not clients but they are the investors- investing in the future of their children.There are three important factors that bring in excellence to any educational institutions... Continue Reading »

Special interviews

  • At present Ms. B. Gayethri Devi is the Secretary Treasurer for the Association of ICSE Schools. Ms. Gayethri Devi, believes in bringing in a new world of information and knowledge that helps in infusing a new energy ....
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  • Mr. Peeyush Samaria, is currently the Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, Hyderabad. He secured 165th rank in civil services. He is the son of senior IAS officer Mr. Hiralal Samaria, the present Commissioner of Commercial Tax, Hyderabad. Continue Reading »

  • He has received a large number of awards for his works that are displayed in many art galleries around our country. His work is described as " a release from the fantasy filled pensive world and a move towards reality, ....
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