How Safe are Schools for our Children??

The brutal sexual assault on a six-year old girl in an elite school in Bangalore, the IT capital of India, has left the country in a state of shock, while raking up the issue of `how safe are our schools’. The sexual assault on the first grade student by two school staff members led to a massive uproar with parents, who staged protests for nearly three weeks condemning the incident. Although the incident was the most unfortunate, it woke up the school managements and the government to respond.....Continue Reading »

Insights on Education

Sustaining Excellence in Educational Institutions

Developing a strong communication practices: Literacy is important, but using literacy to effectively communicate is much more than this. Content, strategies, improving communications must be an integral part of the system. Right from KG classes, schools start dumping writing exercises on children that should be totally abolished. Early childhood education practices insist that teachers train children to listen to instructions, speak their mind as a part of the first stage of learning. Reading and writing comes much later. But unfortunately, some schools start straight away with alphabets and English language. Even when children are not ready yet to understand their own mother tongue, a foreign language is coming as a medium to express emotions... Continue Reading »

Special interviews

  • At present Ms. B. Gayethri Devi is the Secretary Treasurer for the Association of ICSE Schools. Ms. Gayethri Devi, believes in bringing in a new world of information and knowledge that helps in infusing a new energy ....
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  • Mr. Peeyush Samaria, is currently the Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, Hyderabad. He secured 165th rank in civil services. He is the son of senior IAS officer Mr. Hiralal Samaria, the present Commissioner of Commercial Tax, Hyderabad. Continue Reading »

  • He has received a large number of awards for his works that are displayed in many art galleries around our country. His work is described as " a release from the fantasy filled pensive world and a move towards reality, ....
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