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Raunak Singhi ,Co-Founder 3 Dexter


The difficult job was to get into those initial five schools. 3D printing is a fairly new technology in India, hence the foremost job was to make our client aware of the technology and get a few schools onboard. Once we have a proof of concept and some schools to back our quality, thing got easier. The second biggest challenge was trying to bring in a futuristic technology to make schools believe in the technology and make them realise the need of it. Not all the schools are receptive and willing to change their set curriculum. People are generally skeptical to try something new or at least prefer waiting for someone else to try it out first. However, in past few months we have seen schools approaching us for this technology and become a part of this revolution.

Innovative idea that is making a difference

It is hard to point out one technology/idea which has been the most disruptive but in general we have seen smart classes work well in the schools and help students grasp topics faster. A lot of startups focusing on experiential learning by leveraging different technologies like 3D printing, robotics, VR/AR etc. So the idea of promoting pragmatic teaching is the one that stand out and is working well too.

Challenges and Opportunities in Government Schools

One of the primary challenges we face in government schools is the awareness and of funds. It’s no surprise that Government schools adopt new technologies only once they are funded under some project.

The students hold immense talent and potential but only because of lack of access to the technology, they are left behind. We have done multiple workshops in government schools and are running our full time curriculum too. The students get chance to see and experience something special occasionally, but once they do, they end up making the most of it.


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