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Amishi Parasrampuria Founder Upcycler’s Lab

Startup    :  Upcycler’s Lab

Founder   :  Amishi Parasrampuria

Website   :  www.upcyclerslab.com

Upcycler’s Lab is a social enterprise with a vision to change mindset and behaviour and work revolves around UN Sustainability Development Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. Play based learning tools for children aged 5-9 based on sustainability are created. For example, Garbage Grab – a board game based on waste segregation and Action for Aqua a card + board game based on water conservation have been received well. Since most behaviour is formed by age 9, Upcycler’s Lab primarily works with younger children to equip them to solve the environmental problems of tomorrow.

Amishi Parasrampuria imagesAll boards would follow technology enabled learning

By 2025, technology enabled learning will become the norm. Many international boards already follow this approach.More and more schools would move away from traditional text book approach as children today can access this information within minutes using technology.Educators can add value and create an environment where children can process this information and form their own opinions and ideas around it.

The personality of the teacher has changed

The entire approach of a classroom setting has changed. In the past, the teacher was seen as an authority figure and students had to accept what was taught without question. However, today children see their teachers as guides and mentors and they are allowed to express their thoughts and form their own opinions.






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