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Fit Mommy-to-be with Healthy Angel-to-be!

Pregnancy is a phase in ladies’ life where she changes both from inside and outside. These progressions make complications in the typical existence of a pregnant ladies and yoga help an expecting mother to cruise through these obstacles and difficulties.

Rehearsing yoga during pregnancy is an intricate physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual homework done by a lady to answer the challenges faced by her. These challenges are revealed by the condition of joy and stress while yoga is dexterity to calm down the mind.

Each lady during her pregnancy wishes to remain fit as a fiddle and do what is best for her child-to-be. Pre-birth yoga is an awesome method to do both. Yoga helps you in slowing down to interface with your infant and the transformation you are encountering. One can simply practice and appreciate the numerous advantages of yoga regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner.

Yoga gives an awesome range of activity to unborn child and mother by various ways. Yoga relieves the brain, refocus the vitality and set up the lady mentally for labor. Different asanas make more space in the pelvis which facilitates the expulsion of the fetus.

Motherhood has frequently been hailed as a standout amongst the most superb and fulfilling peregrination however it isn’t so without its fair share of tribulations. The grit and undying soul of each mother who remains as the foundation of the family, the edifice of the success of the posterity that she brings into this world, sustains, nourishes, guides and educates!

The energetic expectation for the little dear baby surely calls for festivity howbeit with some care and caution. As an expecting mother, one is enduring in doing everything possible for the little angel inside to be healthy and safe. Doing yoga and prenatal exercises during pregnancy, along with balanced diet can guarantee great wellbeing for both the mother and the child. Gynecologists related with the renowned hospital like Columbia Asia, urge pregnant ladies to hone yoga or other pre-birth practices under master supervision to remain fit and healthy.

Exercise can lift one’s spirits and mindsets by discharging feel-great hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Studies have corroborated that practicing during gestation brings down the danger of depression and nervousness and rejuvenates one’s body and soul. Remaining dynamic during the gestation time frame additionally keeps up stamina and vitality levels. By lightening pressure and uneasiness, practicing guarantees that the expecting mother gets a decent night’s rest and therefore keeping her rejuvenated. Around 18% of the expecting moms create gestational diabetes which generally hit during pregnancy and usually goes away afterward. This happens because of rampant hormonal changes because of which glucose levels shoot up. This, thus, can prompt serious complications for the fetus.  

Yoga, by reinforcing the core muscles goes for the all-encompassing prosperity of the expecting mother and her little one. Studies have demonstrated that rehearsing yoga may make parturition shorter and less painful. As a matter of fact, the right postures can keep common discomforts like back pain and gestational a sleeping disorder under control.

Advantages of Yoga:

  • Practicing Yoga routinely enhances blood circulation subsequently keeping one’s body agile and fit.
  • The correct asanas can diminish the strain and rigidity around the cervix by unwinding and slackening the pelvic area. It additionally helps in decreasing morning sickness, cramps, and constipation. 
  • Yoga and pranayamas can drill a person to breathe deeply and unwind. The breathing exercise calms down consciously and can immensely help the expecting mother during her labor throes.
  • Moreover, yoga asanas additionally facilitate faster post-partum recuperation.
  • Yoga asanas Marjariasana(cat stretch pose), Konasana (standing, sideways bending, both arms), Veerbhadrasasna(warrior pose), Trikonasana(triangle pose), Badhakonasana (butterfly pose), Viparita Karani(legs up the wall pose),Shavasana(corpse pose), Yogic Nidra(yogic sleep) are amazingly gainful for to-be-moms. Hot yoga, however, ought to be evaded after the main trimester.
  • Swimming is likewise an astoundingly advantageous exercise that lightens gestational inconveniences. Low impact aerobics also can profit a ton during pregnancy by reinforcing the heart and lungs and toning the entire body. However, this ought to be learned and rehearsed just under the strict supervision of an ensured instructor.
  • Another to a great degree valuable and helpful pre-birth exercise is Kegel practice which can be done anytime, anyplace, and the best part-nobody would know! Kegel exercise – alternately contracting and unwinding the pelvic muscles-is performed to reinforce the pelvic muscles, which facilitates labor and delivery. Studies have demonstrated that healthy pregnant ladies who practice during gestation have considerably lesser danger of preterm delivery and are more likely to have a shorter labor. Post-partum recuperation is additionally speedier in dynamic mamas!

 A mother is a foundation on which the society stands and grows. So it is of most extreme significance that she stays fit and fine for the society to develop and flourish. So from this Mother’s Day, let all of us promise to walk the additional mile to take of her, to bring a smile on her face, and help her stay fit and healthy, just the way she does for us! 


Dr. Meghana Jetty Reddy – Consultant, OBG, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield.


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