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Foster Billabong High International School, Hyderabad


Name of the School : Foster Billabong High International School

Board                      :  CBSE

Type                        :  Day School

Address                   :  Saket – Phase II ,
                                   Beside V.L.R Gardens,
                                   ECIL post,
                                   Hyderabad – 500062.,
                                   Telangana, INDIA



Classes                   :  Nursery –  XII Grade

Mobile No               :  040 – 27122203, 27141180
                                 +91 9849311113

Email Id                 :

Year of 
Establishment        :  2012

Brainfeed School
Excellence Award 

Category                 :  1. Best in Sports Education
                                  2. Best School Implementing PBL Methods

Website                  :


Brief About the School :

Our aim is the vigorous pursuit of excellence in studies, in games, in co-curricular activities and character building. It is our endeavor to bring up our students so that they achieve the three ingredients of a good life: learning, earning and yearning of the good, the true and the beautiful. To recognize and to encourage talent of all kinds and of all degrees, and to endeavor to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of individuals. In so far it lies within the resources of the school, to illustrate the interrelationship of all human knowledge, to foster an appreciation of man’s creative skills, and to stimulate a conception of learning as a lifelong process. Blending Indian cultural values with modern educational techniques so as to impart a high standard of education.

Since it is impossible for a school to cover the whole realm of knowledge, to be vigorously selective In the material presented to children, but always to pay particular attention to: stimulating intellectual curiosity; Directing and exercising the emotions. Encouraging clear thinking and discrimination.





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