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Glendale Academy,Sun City, Hyderabad

Glendale Academy,Sun City Hyderabad

Name of the School : Glendale Academy

Board                      :  CBSE, IGCSE

Type                        :  Day  Campus

Address                  :  Beside Sun City,
Artillery Centre Gate
Telangana, India.

Classes                   :  Nursery –  XII Grade

Mobile No               :  9246178555

Land Line               :  +91 40 6461 1937, +91 40 6552 3980

Email Id                 :  info@glendaleacademy.net

Year of
Establishment        :   2005

Brainfeed School
Excellence Award

Category                :    1.Best International School
2.Best Academic Excellence School
3.Best STEM Education School
4.Best Innovative practice School

Website                  :  http://www.drsinternational.com/

Brief About the School : 

Known for his values and leadership skills, Late Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan is a legend. He always stood for his strong principles and he was an exemplary person.He laid foundation to world class institutions, and had influenced heads of state to change their mind-set in educating society at large in all aspects of development.

After four decades of active public and business life, the Founder Chairman of Glendale Academy International, Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan has successfully inspired entrepreneurs, educators and philanthropists with the clarity of his vision and the power of his determination.

He was the President of Hyderabad Educational Academy which then ran 3 schools (since many years) – one of which is Glendale Academy. Glendale Academy is the result of this aspiration – a desire to provide the ‘future leaders’ with a nurturing ground and an enriched learning environment to develop their all round personality.

He was associated with many Educational Organizations, Charitable Trusts, for long. He was the President of Khan Bahadur Babukhan Foundation which contributes, in a big way, to scholarships scheme for poor and meritorious students, studying in the Professional and Technical Courses. The Trust also supports people with disabilities, through Organizations like Deaf Enabled Foundation (earlier known as Deaf Way Foundation), since many years. The Trust with PRATHAM Foundation also runs several Learning Centers of Hyderabad, where children, who have not been to the Schools or have dropped out or, even those who go to School but learn little, attend these Centers. As Cabinet Minister twice he held portfolios of Higher Education, Major Industries and Tourism & Minorities Welfare.

“Living Under The Rainbow – My Enchanted Life”   s an illuminating testimonial of Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan’s enticing journey through the realms of life, depicting the colorful facets of experience. It is incredibly entertaining and complete with candid account of events.

He was a successful businessman and philanthropist, with a keen interest in the philosophy of education. He also served as the President of Alliance Franchise and led various social service projects.

Life time achievement award was bestowed on Mr. Babukhan for his contribution in the fields of education and social arena.


Source : school website


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