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Guru Bax Singh Chhabda Founder & CEO Educare India Advisory

Mix of modern and traditional methods is needed

A well trained teacher technically sound with command over the teaching language can incorporate different methods to make learning an enriching experience.

Even an internet-resistant ‘traditional’ teacher cannot deny that the world wide web houses endless and ever-current information on all facets of topics. Yet the internet is often used as an ‘add-on’ in the classrooms or demonstrations of cutting-edge programs and possibilities which often intimidate rather than encourage educators.

An activity that is done for enjoyment without thinking about the end result could be called play.Technology can bring visual while traditional inputs can bring a practical understanding which will result in the success and build a strong foundation.

Classes will no longer exist:

The multi – age concept is based on the assumption that children learn best in active.

Startup    :  Educare India Advisory

Founder   :  GuruBax Singh & CEO Chhabda

Website   :  www.indiaedu.care

Educare is a strategic consulting advisory and solutions partner that education institutions and enterprises consult for achieving education outcomes. The consultancy helps in conceptualizing designing and delivering future focused global education solutions and initiatives.

Educare works across the education life cycle with all stakeholders in the industry understanding best practices, capabilities, identifying opportunities, supply and demand globally providing a framework to provide true solutions and results that leverages lessons learnt, reflects the real-world scenario and appeals to all involved.

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