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International Yoga Day Celebration at Trio World School

International Yoga Day Celebration at Trio World School

Bangalore, June 22, 2018: Students at Trio World School today celebrated the fourth edition of International Yoga day at their campus in SahakarNagar with great pomp and splendour.  A special yoga session was conducted in the school where all the parents were invited to be a part of the ceremony. More than 750 students joined the celebrations.

A special assembly was organized to commemorate the occasion. The programme comprised of a yogic prayer in Sanskrit, followed by a speech about the origin of Yoga, its significance and the origin of the celebration of this day. Subsequently, various benefits associated with yoga for school children were also enumerated, along with demonstrations by students of grade I – V, VI – VIII, of the various asanas. These are beneficial for students to overcome stress, stiffness, anxiety, improve concentration and combat obesity.

Picture-3.jpgWe have included Yoga, as a subject in our school curriculum. The school have special Yoga instructors who help the students practice yoga ritually. In the present day when students face stress, tension, fear, etc.  simple asanas can help dispel the stress from. Yoga is essential for inner and physical growth. It enhances the mental and physical well-being. It’s an important part of our daily routine to stay fit and healthy, said Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, TRIO World School.

The programme concluded with pranayama being performed by all the students.

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