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Is Indian Education a ticking bomb?


India might be heading towards a big educational recession that will ring the death knell for higher education. According to the recent census done in February 2017, there are 789 universities, 37,204 colleges and 11,443 stand-alone institutions in India.

The issues that might attract a downfall are:

  • Lack of path-breaking methodology or an innovative approach by Indian research institutes
  • Focus is always attracted by the NITs, IITs, and the IIMs. What about the improvement of other 11,000 stand-alone institutes?
  • Only a quarter of Indian engineers are employable. What about the rest major share? The employability of non-engineering graduates is even lesser.
  • Educational institutes suffer great problems due to political affairs in India like strikes, frequent syllabus changes, social gatherings, fee hikes, improper funding
  • Economic future is also being hampered sue to underinvestment in Health and welfare sector

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