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February 17, 2019
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Janardan Singh, Varun Kumar and Venkata Vinay Founders IMAX Program

Startup      :    IMAX Program

Founders :    Janardan Singh,

Varun Kumar and Venkata Vinay

Website    :    www.imaxprogram.com

IMAX Program is a school-based individualized curriculum program adopted by more than 800 schools and 300,000 students across India. The offering includes teacher manual, textbooks, workbooks, school exams, feedback reports and individualized remedial worksheets. Its USP is using regular school exam data to provide printed remedial worksheets individualised for every student. Initially, the company offered assessment services for education programs. The current products are based on the insights about student learning culled from 500,000 assessments across 11 states of India.

The vision of IMAX Program is to ‘develop the best version of each learner’ by introducing rapid remedial feedback in all classrooms. The company has a multi-disciplinary team of expert academicians and alumni of reputed institutes like IITs, IIMs, ISB, NID, PardeeRAND Graduate School (USA), and Teach for India.

Teachers face multiple challenges

Teachers face multiple challenges in their classrooms as well as look forward to professional development. The spurt of start-ups will generate better tools for teachers on both fronts.

Classrooms will have more tools

In the future, 2025, classrooms would be equipped with more student feedback tools which would allow a teacher to immediately know whether students have understood a concept.

Changes in the last few years

In the last few years, teachers in progressive schools are using curriculum products for more effective classroom transactions. These curriculum products support teachers with teaching tools, training, lesson plans, assessment, individualized feedback and worksheets. Companies like IMAX Program and other curriculum providers have transformed the landscape with their innovative and much-needed curriculum products.

Challenges and opportunities in Government Schools

With 59% studying in government primary schools, there is a huge need to prepare them for the world ahead. There is a need for bold ideas to address the issues of teacher quality and individual follow-up of every student. Organizations’ which develop tools on these issues will be doing a great service to the children studying in government schools.



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