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Mallya Aditi International School, Yelahanka

Name of the School :  Mallya Aditi International School

Board                       :  ICSE, IGCSE, ISC, AICE

Type                        :  Day Campus

Address                   :  Behind NIPCCD Building,
Yelahanka New Town,
Bengaluru – 560 106,
Karnataka, INDIA

Classes                   :  Nursery –  XII Grade

Mobile No               :  +91 80 40447000    Principal: Extn: 6900

Email Id                 :  /

Year of 
Establishment        :  1984

Brainfeed School
Excellence Award 

Category                :  1.Best International School
2.Best in Sports Education
3.Best STEM Education School
4.School with Best Innovative Practices


Brief About the School :

30+ years of Aditi
We are communitarian: we reach out to support, train, mentor teachers in schools across the country, including numerous new CIE schools. We share our experience generously.

The aspirations of Aditi students are diverse. Their choices are eclectic: art and design, economics, sociology, business, social work, medicine, all the branches of science, mathematics. Their journeys are exploratory; their destinations are numerous. They take roads less travelled.

Source : school website

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