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Pranjal Jain-Gundesha Founder& CEO IntelligencePlus

Startup        : IntelligencePlus (Educational products)

Founder : Pranjal Jain Gundesha & CEO

Website        www.intelligenceplus

Pranjal Jain-Gundesha logo

IntelligencePlus provides world-class in-school and after-school programs and Edu-Games based on 21st century skills for children in the age group of 3-14 years. Initiatives taken up by IntelligencePlus are based on extensive global research and incorporate best practices from different disciplines of learning, such that children meaningfully apply their skills to real life situations and lead the way. IntelligencePlus has made a difference to more than 500 plus schools in 40 cities across India with In school and after school programs.

Capacity building is important

There is a lot of innovation happening in the K12 sector. The onus lies on the startups as well the schools to build capacities. Capacity building among teachers is an extremely important element if we wish to create long term impact through any new approach or service being introduced in the school. Just like no one knows the crops better than the farmer; the best people to create holistic impact and integrate best practices and approaches being offered by innovative edu-startups are the teachers.

Future lies on interdisciplinary learning

I believe the future lies in interdisciplinary learning where the focus is on achieving learning outcomes and making learning relevant to real life. As long as school leaders are open to change and explore different best practices that suit their framework of working, it is possible to incorporate global best practices.

2025 and beyond

Educators are realizing the need to redefine education that is not limited to just Math, Science and other subjects but encompasses 21st century skills such as creative and critical thinking, social and emotional learning, collaboration and communication skills so that we empower them to be solution creators!

We are nearing the tipping point where k12 education needs a paradigm shift-where learning changes from content to context! Our work at IntelligencePlus is based on bridging this gap and we delighted to see parents and visionary school leaders across the country resonate with this need and taking small but proactive steps in this direction.

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