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Hyderabad, IN
February 17, 2019
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Rishabh Mehta Partner CBM

Startup    :  CBM

Partner    :  Rishabh Mehta, School E-Library

Website   :  www.cbmindia.in

Rishabh Mehta Partner CBMCBM is a well established educational company with a range of innovative,technology-enabled products and solutions designed exclusively for schools and colleges.The products take care of all the requirements of the school from content, teaching and learning material, infrastructure consultancy to training, support and integrating IT education in schools.

The products empower schools to strengthen their services to students and parents, thus enhancing their competitive advantage manifold.

School E-Library program

The School E-Library program aims to digitize the library and inculcate the habit of reading in children in a modernized format.

It is a technology backed program, in which students have online as well as offline access to a rich collection of interactive animated E-books covering popular classics, animated value-based stories, audio visual books, encyclopedias, e-magazines, e-newspapers and much more.

Technology can be an integral part of learning

Introduction of technology balanced with traditional methods of teaching has revolutionised the teaching-learning process completely and has succeeded in convincing us all that technology can be an integral part of learning.A personal tablet with educational content on every student’s desk and a digital library in every school can be expected by 2025.

Challenges in edutech market

The edutech market is a highly competitive and price-sensitive. Educational institutions expect top class products at affordable prices.In the current scenario, with increased parental awareness, private institutions are under pressure to provide the best possible learning environment to justify the fees charged.

While promoting edutech in government schools lack of infrastructure, untrained instructors, red tape and the language barrier are some of the common challenges faced.

Success Mantra

The basic ingredients for an edu-startup to succeed are a combination of a robust product, followed with comprehensive training bundled with great services and finally, constant innovation as per the customer’s requirement.

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