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St. Mark’s Girls Senior Secondary School CBSE Results 2018

Sucess is empowering and full of revelations. The effort that we put in all through the year has manifested into a fruitful hundred percent result. Srishti Chawla, Riya Bansal, and Kajal Gupta made us proud by securing hundred percent in History, Economics, and Mathematics respectively. The streamwise result for class 12 CBSE Board Examination (2017-18) is as follows:-


1) Kajal Gupta                                I             97.2%

2) Shivani Kaul                              II            95.4%

3) Sahejpreet Kaur                       III              95%


1) Mohini Talwar.                          I             94.2%

2) Srishti Chawla.                        II             94%

3) Bhumika Mehta                       III           91.6%


1) Riya Bansal                            I                96.2%

2) Gunjan Mahawar                  II                96%

3) Drishti Batra                        III               93.8%

Our class 10 students made us proud yet again by excelling in the CBSE Board Exams and securing a hundred percent result for the school. VidhiNagpal proved her mettle by securing a 100 in French. The school toppers are as follows:-

1) SANYA AHUJA                  I                    97%

2) SHARVVII SHARMA          II                   95.8%

3) SNEH MATTA                  III                  94.8%

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