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Sudipta Saha Global Business Manager Jay Robotix Pvt. Ltd.

Startup :  Jay Robotix Pvt. Ltd.

Global :  Sudipta Saha Business Manager

Website : www.jayrobotix.co.in

Jay Robotix Learning Singapore (JRLS) is a global STEM Education pioneer founded with a vision to build Robotics & related products which can be globally relevant and provide a deep practical learning experience to the students, teachers, and researchers.

chiidren imageROBOX & ROBOGURU are the flagship brands of JRLS’ practical learning concept for the school students. JRLS products are recognized by Government of Singapore under prestigious ‘Robotics & Makers Academy’ an initiative by IDA Singapore – Ministry of Education, as a part of Govt. of Singapore’s Smart Nation program.

JRLS operates in seven countries across Middle-East & Asia with its fully owned Indian subsidiary as Jay Robotix Learning India (JRLI).

Sustainable business model is the major Challenge

India may have 80 odd robotics based startup, but many perish. The major challenge is not just having a good product or service but having a sustainable business model which can be scaled and at the same add value to the clients.The ed-tech start space is undoubtedly crowded, there are multiple options for everything but still, good products hardly make any money whereas mediocre product making a huge impact.

Value addition is the biggest opportunities in government schools

Government schools offer a colossal scope of work to any Ed-tech startup, the biggest opportunity is the value addition or transformation that can be made to the largest sector of student community across several thousand cities & villages in India; the challenge lies in the turn round time, audit & monitoring, proper implementation in doing projects of such a large scale & diversity.

However, various pro-education reforms & policies are getting implemented these days. One such is Atal Tinkering Labs from AIM, Niti Aayog which is one of the biggest projects of its kind to impact government schools across India along with private schools.



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