Teaching Integration and hoping students to vote every year, Life skills are equally important

Life Skills to success

Lacking basic life skills in this era will equally harm every individual in spite of having the best education and degrees. The education curriculum of India has been the same for years by building on rote learning. Learning daily lessons, completing homework, appearing for examinations, indulging in some extra-curricular activities, earning some medals and getting promoted to the next class; this has more or less been the scenario for all. But where do we stand when real life challenges make their way and affect our lives? Most common cases are depression, being scarred for life, anxiety, and also suicide in worst cases.

Life skill education is the need of the hour that will build the character of a person while making hem the CEO of a company.

Some basic life skills which are very important in our life:

  • Maintaining a basic hygiene
  • Learning banking, money transferring, proper handling of money
  • Feminism
  • Time Management
  • Punctuality
  • Knowledge of Student Loans for further studies
  • Everything related to Tax
  • Identifying your passion and talent
  • All the sides of Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Basic First Aid and Human Survival Kit
  • Household cleaning and maintenance

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