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TEDx at Ahlcon International School


Ahlcon International School organised its first independently organised TEDx event on 6th October 2018 under the aegis of TED, the non-profit organisation which goes by the tagline ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. The mega event, officially christened TEDxAhlconIntlSchool, was conducted with the purpose of sharing new ideas and innovations. The school played host to six illustrious speakers from varied areas of expertise to address an august gathering of 100 students, parents, educators and administrators.

The school’s art department transformed the auditorium into the perfect platform for an event of this stature. The attendees arrived at the sight of larger-than-life banners announcing the mega-event and welcoming them to the experience that was to be at TEDxAhlconIntlSchool.

The day began with a befitting welcome address by the Principal, Ashok Pandey, who spoke about the relevance of such meetings of minds in today’s day and age.

The first speaker, veteran pilot and deep sea diver, Gen. P.K. Saighal, spoke eloquently about the role of technology in the growth of the country. He highlighted Biotechnology, Deep Sea Engineering and theatres of future conflicts as the most sought-after tech-zones for the future researchers.

Following him, the noted robotic and thoracic surgeon, Dr. Prof. Arvind Kumar, highlighted the need for taking care of our lungs. His mission is to cure 2.6 billion lungs in India, his passionate drive against lung ailments. His campaign is already making news and drawing appreciation. He reiterated the fact that the safety and health of our lungs are in our own hands. The air pollution, the main culprit, in this case, is to be tackled by the people and the Govt alone, he asserted.

The stage was lit up by the presence of Marie Elangovan, a graceful Bharathanatyam exponent. She shared snippets from her fulfilling journey; from being an ice-skater in Montreal, Canada to a teacher of the classical art form in Delhi. Her words and the presentation of her art left the audience mesmerised. She drew the attention of the audience about the ancient Guru-Shishya tradition in Indian culture through her performance. Her presentation also highlighted the necessity of following one’s passion regardless of adversities.

Next, the unassuming, smiling ex-director of the All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra of North India, Swami Chidrupananda, took the stage. His ideas about the meaning of life were honest and novel. Reading, reading deeply, applying the knowledge, developing endurance, contributing liberally and live lovingly were the tips shared by the Swami to help us all live a fulfilling life.

To add more life to an already abuzz event, the school’s dance troupe, Rhythm Revolution presented a beautiful piece with the purpose of alerting the audience to the need to conserve water. This energetic performance was a befitting presentation in alignment with the school’s relentless campaign to promote the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN’s agenda for 2030.

The penultimate speaker, Kunal Chawla is a teacher with a passion for innovation. His talk, about the uneasy relationship of books with teachers and students, was received with immense gusto from the audience. He highlighted the need for redesigning our textbooks, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to create interest among the students for learning.

The showstopper was Varun Khullar, the resident Disc Jockey with the famous club Kitty Su. He talked about his struggle with disability following a crippling accident. He reiterated that one must be accepting of oneself and stop worrying about the world’s perceptions. “Include all”, was his message.

The attendees left the venue feeling enriched and invigorated after a day well spent. Guests exclaimed that they felt intellectually and spiritually stimulated after the experience. “This is the real education”, exclaimed a parent. TEDxAhlconIntlSchool has proven to be a vibrant red feather in Ahlcon International School’s cap.

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