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February 17, 2019
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Thought leaders and Industry Experts needed to uplift the Indian Education Sector


The future of Indian Education needs to be uplifted through collaboration with thought leaders and industry experts by forming new strategies. India as a rapidly developing country has time and again shown to be a player who is going to take a seat among the top powers of the world. There has been a tremendous boost in the innovation sector. But we need to strengthen our foundation to sustain the growth and built upon it rapidly. Education is one of the core foundations that our nation needs to upgrade.

There is a huge disparity in between the number of eligible students and the ones who are currently getting higher education. The traditional education system has failed or not been appropriate to encourage students for further studies. The new age education system needs to speed up the process and get a push from the industry experts.

Students should be made aware of the fact that STEM education is not the only way to achieve in life. Present scenario has changed and Indian education is slowly giving otions for students to complete higher studies in subjects like design, arts, liberal arts, liberal education, humanities, social sciences, architecture, media and communication, economics, etc.

Technology needs to become more child-centric when applied to pedagogy. Feedbacks from students should be noted as an important part of the entire system to formulate a better learning experience. The rote learning practice is no more a valid process and changes need to be made inside the classroom, in co-curricular activities as well as learning at home.

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