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February 18, 2019
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Press Release

Vidyashilp Academy joins the global movement as the 1st Fairtrade school in India

Dr. Dayanand Pai meets with Nagajibhai and family who cultivated the cotton for the school uniform along with Vidyashilp Academy students, educators and the Fairtrade India office

Bengaluru, August 17, 2018: The school joins a huge network of schools internationally. In India, Fairtrade aims to empower farmers and workers in our food and fashion supply chains; to ensure better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fairer terms of trade for farmers and workers.

A big leap in practice came this summer when the school uniforms were sourced from Fairtrade certified supply chains. This change in practice is helping in empowering farmers and influence the chain of suppliers who grow and make these uniforms. The entire supply chain from the farmer to the school uniform vendor has been certified by Fairtrade after stringent checks.

The school received the certificate on 15th August, the country’s very special day Symbolising our Commitment to Sustainability. It was indeed a special moment where the Farmer family of five, Sarvaiya Pravinkumar Nagajibhai and his family from Dhajala village of Gujarat joined in the celebration.

Dr. Dayananda Pai, the Managing Trustee of Vidyashilp Academy and Vidyasagar Preschools along with the steering committee members acknowledged the family for their Contribution to our School Community. The students also signed India’s largest Fairtrade Tshirt with cotton patches with colourful messages expressing solidarity.

Stalls with products made by the students were set up to raise awareness

“The school collaborates with global partners to further improve intercultural awareness and connects students to a diverse and valued culture. The Fairtrade India collaboration is one such pursuit at weaving ethical values in the school programme. Our students have actively contributed to the learning outcomes from this association and carry a heightened sense of awareness to the cause. Becoming a Fairtrade school is an honor earned for their efforts.”- Ms. Kiran Pai – Director, Vidyashilp Academy

Way forward, by joining the Fairtrade movement, Vidyashilp Academy is now helping in reducing the impact on social economic and environmental exploitation. The teaching modules have been set up to understand how trade and the food system work; and how individual contribution can bring a reform to make this chain fairer.

“Vidyashilp Academy’s academic initiatives function in a collaborative and dynamic environment in recognition of the child’s ability to think and act. The school’s principal ingredients for molding a responsible individual is on a canvas of social, moral and ethical values. By joining the Fair trade movement, our students will join the Global community of ethical consumers. They will continue to be the Change influence rs’ and contribute towards reducing the impact on social and environmental exploitation.  Shilpities will strive to contribute to the Sustainability goals in its true Spirit.


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