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February 17, 2019
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Global Music Institute (GMI)

About GMI
Global Music Institute (GMI) through its vision and mission, works to promote cross-cultural musical dialogue and exchange, especially between contemporary and more traditional and folkloric styles of music through its diverse local, national and international faculty.
We believe in the power of music to transcend linguistic, economic, cultural and intellectual
barriers and envision a local-to-global music community in which all people, genres, cultures, instruments and sounds are in a state of dynamic collaboration and learning.
Music education at GMI is viewed as holistic learning experience that is important at every stage of a persons life and development. We believe in developing all-rounded students with a deep awareness and understanding of musical diversity. The Institute also works to create a body of knowledge through evidence that is able to sensitively represent the many positive effects of musical education and learning as comprehensively as possible.
• Three year graduate diploma
• Two year diploma
• One year certificate
• Weekend Performance Program
• Music Production Courses
Aims and Philosophy
A full-time engagement with the profession and art of music. Focused on establishing a foundation in the core elements of music (first two years) along with a scope for directed study, mentorship, career-development, and student-led projects (third year). Students will learn to approach the field of music in a comprehensive and responsible manner, develop strong professional personalities, along with individual artistic identities that will equip the student to negotiate the many facets of a career in music. The program, contemporary in its content and approach, includes interdisciplinary instruction in Hindustani music, Western Classical music and World Music. The Program offers group and private instruction, ensembles, ear training, music theory, music technology, seminars, workshops and performance opportunities at the GMI campus and outside, enabling students to become versatile performing artists.

Performance Studies GMI’s Performance Studies encourages students to develop a strong artistic identity and enables them to be a versatile performing musician.Through the semesters and program, students will find many performance opportunities available on campus. New Delhi has a number of cultural centres, music venues and clubs that collaborate with students and faculty from GMI, providing an unparalleled professional performance opportunities designed to integrate students into a thriving live music circuit and performing arts community.

GMI Faculty GMI invites diverse international faculty across stylistic and cultural backgrounds. Private lessons, music forums, ensemble workshops, and performances by faculty and visiting artists broaden the students perspective and foster the spirit of musical and personal growth.

GMI Facilities
A two-acre campus facility with 40,000 Sq.ft of academic space and 12000 Sq.ft of student housing
offers –
• 150-seater auditorium
• Amphitheatre
• 2500 Sq.ft. multi-media library
• Audio-production lab with specialist music software
• Student and faculty apartments
• Study lounges
• Cafeteria

Contact information
Global Music Institute
7 A Knowledge Park III Greater Noida, UP 201310 India
P: +91 7042080386, +91 8447239949
E: info@globalmusicinstitute.in admissions@globalmusicsintitute.in W: www.globalmuscinstitute.in

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