Young Authors

“To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme.”

– Herman Melville

And our theme is the mightiest as our book is by the children who are going to be future leaders.

Brainfeed is overwhelmed to receive so many unique stories by our young authors for the book “Stories by the Children, for the Children”. As the deadline for entrees have come to an end, Brainfeed has decided to set some ground rules before the publication.

  • Best 25 stories will be selected by a panel of 3 jury members. These ‘top 25 stories’ will be published in the book.
  • The stories will be given to the jury in an anonymous manner where the name of the students will not be revealed for an impartial judgement.
  • The stories will be marked by the jury with a score between 0 – 5 under different parameters and the total scores will determine the best stories.
  • After scrutiny, the selected stories will be sent to the respective authors for a ‘special treat’.
  • Special Treat: The authors need to narrate their individual stories and record them. These recordings need to be sent to Brainfeed. These narrations will give birth to a video CD that will come with each book as an additional story compilation.
  • Writing is its own reward. – Henry Miller

The best selected stories will also be rewarded with goodies and prizes from Brainfeed but we know that is not what you are looking for. The best reward for an author is letting all the readers read their story.

Not a winner? Not to Worry!

Don’t be upset if you are not among the ‘top 25 stories’! The remaining stories who just missed the spot will be published as a regular column every month in Brainfeed High. Kudos to all the young authors who were brave enough to set their mind free and pen down their own unique stories!