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9 teaching tips during lockdown, distance learning ideas by Maarit Rossi | Watch here

The Founder & CEO of Paths to Math Ltd., Maarit Rossi from Finland shares 9 teaching tips during lockdown. These will help  teachers to successfully provide distance learning during Covid-19. She is one of the Top 10 Finalist of Global Teacher Prize 2016 and here are her key tips:

1. Agree on common approaches at school level

From all teaching tips, this once can itself be a challenge. If this is not possible anymore then plan some simple approaches between a teacher groups. Good idea if you can use learning environments and tools already in use in the school.

2. Proceed step by step

Many things can be new to teachers, pupils and students. Therefore, it is good to go one step at a time and create new, simple routines.

3. Create routines

Routines and schedules are vital for distance learning . Keep them simple

4. Children need adults

During this long period of distance learning children need adults. The teacher has the responsibility for the teaching and its progress. Advice adults to take care of safe routines and learning environments and, as far as possible, ensure that children learn. Caregivers need to know their children study routines and goals for the week if possible. Tell that in home supports the study and ensures that the children eat, rest and exercise whenever possible.

5. Clear Guidance

Be clear about what, where, when and how to do – In distance education, the importance of guidance is emphasized.

6. Use different working methods. Replacement study can be
        • Student can work independently with a book or assignment
        • Pair work online
        • Communicating via cloud or messaging
        • Real-time classes (group call, Skype, etc.)
7. Provide versatile and alternative tasks

It is not the intention that children sit all day on the computer. You can do tasks such as reading, researching your home or neighborhood, writing by hand, drawing or talking to a parent. The output can then be stored on the machine for the teacher or the entire group to see, if possible.

8. Interaction is important

Give interaction a reasonable place: for example, online chats for larger groups and WhatsApp chats for smaller groups.

9. Teacher, please take care

The most important of all teaching tips is this: Teacher, remember to take care of yourself. Tell parents how and when you can be contacted.

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