‘A Dedicated Placement Cell does Wonders’

Placement is a major factor before zeroing in on a college or university

The higher education landscape is constantly evolving, and today, just the choice of majors and minors does not hold sway in the decision making process. Institutional strengths and weaknesses, the role of the promoters and collaborators, the involvement of the corporate sector, and the government are all factored into the ultimate choice of a university. A huge majority of today’s and tomorrow’s students are tech-savvy. They are armed with all the knowledge and awareness their research has thrown up.

There are factors to consider when you decide which geography may be suitable for you. To encapsulate a few factors which help you decide what “fits you best” you need to consider costs, safety, and placements to name a few.

At the outset, cost and access to financial aid will be a key issue on a go-forward basis. Scholarships and grants should be accessible to more. However, not all the hurdles are economic. With such rapid digitization, though all the barriers are apparently down, making the right choice now hinges on myriad issues. Discrimination, safe spaces, sexual harassment, profile of the faculty, not to forget the accessibility and location of the university are all pivotal deciding factors. Students are looking for a holistic experience and not purely an academic outing. They just do not want to be a prop in the scenic landscape.

One can keep adding to the list of pros and cons, but the reality is that with the geographical divides no longer existent, the ability to make a choice has become a lot tougher. One of the biggest challenges is not the institution itself but the nature and the profile of the students. They are well-read and widely travelled, so the ‘foreign’ factor has lost its novelty.

Educators have a big role to play. They have to get out of their comfort zones and be ready to experiment and innovate. They have to test out new approaches. Speaking of educators, they are not just the subject experts, they are everywhere: coaches, counselors, tutors, security personnel, refectory personnel, campus guides, among others. They all play a role in the life of the students. Life on campus, whether inside or outside the classroom, is the biggest draw. The clubs and societies are a vital cog in these formative years of the student. The students not just blossom in this relatively informal environment, but these outings tap into the latent potential of its members.

Promising placements are among the factors that come to mind before initiating the hunt for a suitable college or university. Securing the right job after so much of financial commitment is of utmost importance, and it is more of a family concern than an individual student’s. In this regard, it is only a well-oiled placement cell that can ensure this smooth transition. A dedicated placement cell speaks about the college’s rapport in the job market, as they are instrumental in bridging the gap between the student’s skills and the industry. Universities are like lighthouses. They need to adopt a willingness to experiment and change if they are to cement the long-term viability of their institutions.

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