A Protective Net Against University Placements


Every student considers the career prospects before choosing a course. Your choice, in course, can determine your future; hence, you should be smart while making the decision. Many universities have a placement cell that provides students with opportunities to sit for interviews. However, not all students get through university placement, and even if they do, it’s not up to expectations.

In circumstances like these, students are forced to do jobs that are not specific to their area of specialization. This also leads to unemployment in many cases, even after graduating and sitting for university placement. Students feel the need to have a protective net against university placements and for universities to take responsibility.

However, in situations like these, UPES is one such university in India that takes responsibility even after students don’t get through the university placements. The university has teamed up with international institutes like London College of Creative Media, Webster University, University of Law, and many more to provide the students with a protective net against university placements.This academic association gives students a chance to study all over the world in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and many more.

Here’s how this the academic collaboration benefits

  • Provides Exposure

If you don’t get through placements, with UPES, you get the opportunity to pursue post-graduation and travel overseas to cities like UK, USA, Canada, Germany, and many more.This association between global academic partner institutions and UPES is an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure and gain education through the international curriculum and faculty.

  • Help Enhance the Resume

With a degree from reputable and prestigious institutions that come under the international partnership with UPES in field of law, management, technology, and many more add to your value in the job market. You’ll have an edge over the other students in your field of choice. A degree and experience from one of these international institutions will look not only good on your resume but also open doors for many opportunities.

  • Develops Skills

When you get an opportunity to study with one of the reputed international institutes that are associated with UPES, you not only get exposure but also polish your skills. You not only get a chance to expand your knowledge base but also develop your skillset further. You stand out from the crowd as you turn into an even more educated and skilled professional of your field of choice

  • Doesn’t Cost a Bomb

One of the things that bother students when they choose to study overseas is a student’s debt. It is one of the key reasons for many able and deserving students to not pursue education abroad. However, if you don’t get through university placement process in UPES, you get a 100% fee waiver for your post-graduation at one of the Global academic partner institutions.

Time to Stop Worrying About the Future

With this initiative by UPES, students have a protective net against university placements. It makes students more skilled and knowledgeable by providing them a post-grad degree that too from a highly reputable institution.You can also avail free professional online courses that are aligned to international standards from AWS, Tableau, IBM, and

Now, with the assurance of such an association between the two institutions, you can rest assured that the future will be in your favor as you will get the best of opportunities.


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