Brainfeed magazine is one of the pioneers in the field targeting the entire education sector from primary to high school education. It provides latest information on academic issues arising out of classroom pedagogical practices, innovative technology-based teaching and latest developments in the present educational scenario with focus on the 3-16 age group market.

Its informative editorial coverage of current news, government strategies and curriculum criteria, in addition to industry features, in-depth articles, makes the magazine a vital tool for educators to keep in touch with their industry developments.

Brainfeed’s earnest endeavour is to inculcate the habit of reading among young students and support educators and other stakeholders in educational activities collaboratively. Brainfeed provides free academic supplements(VI-X) to help students to prepare for both school and competitive exams and it is the first educational magazine in India to use QR code to watch educational videos.

In a span of four years plus, the magazine crossed the coveted 50,000 monthly circulation figure, mostly through annual subscriptions.

In addition, the Brainfeed Group publishes age-specific children’s magazines like Brainfeed Junior, Brainfeed Primary I, Brainfeed Primary II and Brainfeed High. The combined and cumulative monthly circulation of all the magazines is 1, 40,000 copies. These publications give the advertiser an option to reach selective TGs as they are popular among educationists, teachers, and students, which is a testimony to its success and uniqueness.

The magazine’s web presence is experiencing a steady growth.