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Active Parenting the ultimate guide to raising children with boundless potential

Ramgopal Vallath1 September 2021, New Delhi

HarperCollins India is proud to announce the publication of Active Parenting: How to raise children with boundless potential by RamG Vallath, a motivational speaker and author. With two bestselling books up his sleeves, he has addressed tens of thousands of professionals as well as high school students on growth mindset and continues to inspire them.

Announcing its release, the author says, “Active Parenting is an essential read for every parent – whether parents of toddlers or teenagers. Today we know from research that success at work in the 21st century depends 80% on EQ and 20% on IQ. However, parents have very little guidance on how to systematically develop EQ or socio-emotional maturity in children. Active Parenting, with its well-researched content, will help them bring up children to be truly successful adults. It will also help them in their daily parenting battles such as controlling screen time, completely nullifying entitled behaviour and tantrums, better communication with tweens and teens, etc. In fact, it will be a great resource for parents on how to convert the pandemic induced forced stay-at-home into an opportunity.”    

Price: INR 299 / Format: Paperback / Pgs.: 240 / Publisher: HarperCollins India

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