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Age limit imposed by Tencent on PUBG to curb violence among youngsters

Age limit imposed by PUBG developers Tencent to curb violence among youngsters

Tencent has imposed a new restriction on underage video-game playing as part of a government onslaught on “Honor of Kings” and “PUBG Mobile”. Tencent, a Chinese gaming giant has announced new curbs to cope with the government onslaughts on youth gaming addiction. This has already made it difficult for the company by disturbing their biggest revenue source.

They have imposed a digital lock that will require players under 13 years to ask their guardians permission to open the game. These will be implemented in the two Chinese versions of “Honor of Kings” and “PUBG Mobile”.

A real-name identification system has already been introduced to “Honour of Kings” that enforces playtime restrictions on youths. China is already known for being the biggest video game market and Tencent is known as the world’s biggest game company. These steps are being taken to help reduce screen time of underage players.

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