AI humanoid robot opens her first solo exhibition

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Ai-Da the first ultra realistic AI humanoid robot artist opens her first solo exhibition at the Barn Gallery at St John’s College. The exhibition will display her eight drawings, four sculptures, 20 paintings and two video works next week.

She uses a pencil or pen for sketching. The plan for Ai-Da is to paint and create pottery.

Ai-Da is named after the British mathematician and computer pioneer Ada Lovelace. Ai-Da draws from sight with the help of the cameras in her eyeballs. The AI algorithms created by scientists at the University of Oxford help produce co-ordinates for her arm to create art.

“We’re at the beginning of a new era of humanoid robots and it will be fascinating to see its effect on art. We just can’t predict what she (Ai-Da) will do next. What she is going to produce and what the limit of her output is.” Aidan Meller, curator of the Unsecured Futures exhibition which opens at St John’s College, Oxford said.

Mr Meller is clear that his goal is not to replace human artists.

“We are looking forward to the conversation Ai-Da sparks in audiences. A measure of her artistic potential and success will be the discussion she inspires. Engaging people so we feel empowered to re-imagine our attitudes to organic life and our futures is a major aim of the project.” said Lucy Seal, researcher and curator for the project said. Ai-Da, whose construction was completed in April, has already seen her art snapped up. “It’s a sold out show with over a million pounds worth of artworks sold,” Meller added.

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