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An app for STEAM & Life Skills


By Santhosh Subramanian, Co-Founder & CXO, Scadoosh

Q         So, tell us what is Scadoosh?

So if you are a school looking for an online extra curricular and co-curricular partner, then we are the ones. We have more than 100+ STEAM & Life Skill based online classes for kids. Ranging from making bubbles, to teaching kids aeromodelling to Innovation and what not. 🙂

Q         When did it start? and how did it start?

All thanks to Lockdown. I was terribly bored and started a free online summer camp for kids in May 2020. It ran for one full month. And we were pretty proud about what we could accomplish. Parents kept asking for more. And so we created Scadoosh.

Q         How is it different from any other Educational App?

See there are many online classes now. But we are focussed on STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and Lifeskills. I think we are one of the very few players who have a wide range of classes curated in this focus area.

Q         How does it benefit the school, parents and kids?

“India was once contributing to 30% of the world’s GDP. Do you know why? Because we were a skill based economy back then. We used to innovate and produce. But after the British Era, we became a knowledge economy. China established itself as Manufacturing economy. US became an Innovation driven economy. So If we have to put our country back in the glorious era, we need to teach our kids to innovate, to make, to fail and produce. Scadoosh does just that.

Having said that, I think any layman can understand that for a school, it is an extremely innovative proposition to differentiate themselves. In fact one school is scrapping their existing extra-curricular programme and completely moving online with us. Another school is planning on setting up a digital infrastructure in their school for a post pandemic scenario.

We should not limit the learning of our children based on the resource available in our city or town. Scadoosh brings the best of the teachers from across the globe. We have teachers from Hongkong, from Mexico and even from Chile. 🙂 ”

Q         What are some of its Popular Courses?

We will be amazed to see how children enjoy Science, Innovation and Brand Stories, They are so curious to learn, if we teach them in a way that kindles their curiosity. So I would say all our courses are popular.

Q         Can you share some feedback of the kids in your platform?

There was one parent who forgot to renew the subscription for our platform. So the child told her to renew the subscription straight away for 6 months so that he doesn’t miss his class. So that is how glued kids are to out platform. Another child actually broke her piggy bank to pay for her own learning. So it is very inspiring to hear such stories.

Q         How can educational institutions partner with you?

Please do write to us at hello@scadoosh.com. We are very flexible people. We will customize and create programmes according to your needs. Our team of experts come from a heavy pedagogy and education background. We have experience working with several thousands of schools. So we understand your situation well. So we can create programmes that suit you.

And we will run the programme in your school brand. We never like promoting our brand anywhere. It will happen in your brand and in your school platform.

Q         Do you plan to bring about a revolution in the world of co curricular activities?

We are not here to revolutionize anything. We are here to just have fun with the kids and see their thinking grow. 🙂

Q         Any final thoughts?

We are an innovative bunch. So we are constantly looking at evolving the offering. So don’t hesitate thinking about budgets, thinking about if your parents will like it, will it work properly for your students, etc. We want to see your school stand out, head held high. We will never let you down. At the end of the association you will see the benefits for yourself. And think of us as your best buddies. Just pick up the phone and call us or just drop an email. I wish I could demonstrate how friendly and at the same time professionals we are.

All that I can say is LET US SCADOOSH for India. Jai Hind.

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