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An Evolved Animal That Does Not Need Oxygen


In a recent finding published in the journal of PNAS, scientists have stated that Henneguya salminicola neither consumes oxygen nor does it breathe. A relative of jellyfish and corals, this species is anaerobic to produce energy. Living in the muscle cells of fish, the parasite infects the muscle tissues in the process.

The discovery has tossed one of the ancient scientific facts shading new light on old assumptions. Additionally, salminicola is revealed as the only animal with no mitochondrial DNA. What makes this fact interesting? Every multicellular animal on earth has respiratory cells, except H. Salminicola. Aerobic respiration was known to be dominant and ancient amongst all organisms, but salminicola is truly a singularity.

Every multicellular animal on Earth is characterized by mitochondrial respiration. It is the process by which oxygen generates adenosine triphosphate which in turn is responsible for energy transfer within cell. To naked eyes, salminicola might appear as oozing bubbles, white in colour. Salminicola cannot produce enzymes required for respiration. In a nutshell, these parasites live on the energy extracted from the host with the help of proteins.

Scientists opine that salminicon evolve to be a simple, unicellular organism from its former complex and multicellular structure.  The organism has evolved to quit breathing or in-taking oxygen. This is particularly peculiar and a subject of renewed interest to microbiologists.

What Are The Common Traits Of Unicellular Organisms?

The diverse organisms are found in areas abundant in oxygen and temperate climate. Interior structure is quite complex; some parts are devoted to performing functions like nutrient absorption and protein synthesis. The diffusion rate of oxygen is slow and stunts the size of the single-celled organisms. They eat in a process termed as phagocytosis and need sufficient oxygen for respiration. Without the usual transaction of carbon dioxide and oxygen, these organisms cannot survive.

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