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Iris Florets & Iris Sakalya Academy witnessed the very first “Iris Global Cultural Exchange” session on 2nd November 2018. The theme of the session was “An Invitation to change the world, one classroom at a time” witnessed in the presence of Hilbert Pustilnik from Berlin, Germany who interacted with the PP1 & Grade I students of Iris. This unique cultural exchange program enables all Iris schools to host International travellers into their classrooms for insightful and change-making conversations with students and teachers.

It was a 75 minutes session between Hilbert Pustilnik and the students. He shared about Germany’s work culture, family, studies, opportunities and lifestyle with the students, who in turn, asked many questions, expressed their feelings and opinions and introduced Hilbert to their own country, city and culture. In small yet powerful ways, an Iris cultural exchange program adds a Global Perspective towards learning of everyone present in a Clap Classroom. It was a complete interactive session where all the children participated with a lot of enthusiasm. Children were made to colour the flag of Germany & India. Hilbert entertained the children with many activities and games. All the little ones individually presented a feedback postcard to him with a smiley sticker and handwritten message.

The purpose of this cultural exchange program is to make an emotional connection with foreigners across the world. The focus of this program at this stage is more in unity than diversity so that the children are able to interact with people from around the world and understand their cultural differences and lifestyle.

This session helps to participate in raising a more culturally intelligent and compassionate generation and also a child to transform their insights into their own unique worldview and philosophy for life. The next session is scheduled for November 12 where Olive Rufaro from Zimbabwe will interact with the children; introduce them to yet another country & culture.

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