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An open letter to parents on accepting the changes during Pandemic

Dear Parents,

  • We are in the midst of a historic event, a ‘once in a century’ happening!
  • The COVID – 19! Sit back and enjoy it!

We have no option but to accept the situation we are in. We cannot reject it, we cannot change it; so we can only accept it or change our attitude towards it. Yes! Accept the Covid and the consequences of it.

May I offer you a few tips that helps me face life as we know it now.

You take care of yourself, first. Your well-being is crucial to the well-being of your family. Keep the routine going. Go for walks, pray, practice yoga, pranayama, read, watch your favourite TV programmes. Reenergize yourself in any way of your choice. Find the precious, ‘Me Time’. You do not always need to put your family before yourself. And most importantly, find time for nature. Set aside time for your office work, create a work space that cannot be invaded.  
Team Work:
Bring a new normal system into the house-hold. All hands on the deck! Involve your kids, encourage them to participate and take their fair share of domestic chores. This is the time for the family to acquire new skills – dishwashing, laundry, cooking, budgeting, sweeping/swabbing…And no gender bias here. Routines are important, self-regulatory, they assure you of security.

Keep communication open with your children. Respond to them, don’t react. Bring the personal and professional touch with face to face interactions on issues such as school work, the next step, their mental well-being, frustration over lack of socializing and their digital time. Have family meetings, draw boundaries, respect each other’s space – both physical and mental.

Keep it simple. Show that you care, individualize it but do not allow your children to emotionally blackmail you.

Digital Devices:
With everyone suddenly needing a device in hand, invest wisely, since technology and online work and classes is here to stay. The Covid has opened up new and better ways of learning and working. Embrace it! Put down a Code of Conduct for the use of device, in terms of social etiquette, be caring of what others are doing as well.

Create a work culture at home. You get the culture right, and everything takes care of itself. That really means a culture of compassion, of collaboration, of empathy, and of the valuing of individuals – and the necessity of having our lives thriving through our joint participation.

I know we are all battling less income, cramped spaces, fear of the unknown, fear of the known, concerns of our children, their education, their entrance exams…But look at it this way, in a life span of 85 years, we are going to be impacted just one year! This is the year of learning, of retrospection, of rearranging your priorities, of hitting the reset button and living a more meaningful life using better sensibilities.

Help each other handle stress, anxiety, pressure from withing and outside.  Discuss and deal with what is happening in your lives.

What if, instead of falling behind, your children are actually moving ahead? What if we slow the pace of the world and your children become more sensitive human beings? What if the Covid is not wasting time, but helping us spend time, more fruitfully and meaningfully? What if, this is the turning point in the future of our planet and your children are its future leaders?

What if?!!
Draw an agreement of the New Normal Times. There is definitely a pre and post Covid period. Be ready for it…

Jyoti Swaroop
Educational Consultant
Teacher Educator

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