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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Anganwadis to be developed into playschools by Delhi government

Anganwadis digitalization

On Wednesday Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, while launching the “Early Childhood Care Curriculum” for anganwadis that anganwadis would be developed at par with high-end private expensive playschools so that even the poor children will now have access to all modern amenities and infrastructure.

Kejriwal and his Deputy Manish Sisodia addressed more than 10,000 Anganwadi workers at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in Delhi. The mega-programme was organized which is a giant leap towards digitalization of anganwadis, as smart-phones were distributed to 10,000 anganwadi workers. The distribution of smartphones was done in order to digitize all operations of the anganwadi sector. Digitalization of anganwadis is being done to reduce the administrative burden of anganwadi workers, to improve the efficiency of the department and this will ultimately help to maintain a real-time monitoring mechanism of the status of all centres.

Kejriwal said that everyone has a perception that anganwadis are only meant for providing food to children. But now with the launch of an Early Childhood Care Curriculum, the anganwadis will also provide the kind of care and education similar to that of the expensive playschools. Anganwadis will now be developed into playschools to provide similar facilities to the poor that the rich avail.

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