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Anubhuti is the long-cherished dream come true of Bhavarlal Jain

Late Bhavarlal Jain Founder; Chairman of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, Jalgaon

Anubhuti is the long-cherished dream come true of Bhavarlal Jain, the visionary founder chairman of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. Anubhuti’s mission is to create a learning environment conducive to nurturing the learners and the educators to be creative, capable, compassionate and equanimous citizens of character with a global outlook.

The best methods are those that are futuristic

The methodologies adopted by various schools of thought vary depending on the needs and understanding of the basic tenets of education. The best methods are those that are futuristic. Like fashion in Paris, methods of teaching keep changing. What works best is no longer the ‘what of it’ but it is the ‘how’ that matters. All methods depend on that.

Go beyond syllabi

More than the schools, it is the boards that need to look at the future of education. Schools have very little choice given the time available to them. Even if the schools are willing to go beyond the compunctions of examinations, the parents do not come forward to cooperate with schools which go beyond syllabi.

Within the framework given by the boards, it is important to have a vision for the next five or ten years and with that provide for the future needs of children. For example, it is important for schools to understand that technology (ICT) is the future of the world. Schools should equip themselves with all that is required to install web-based teaching-learning processes. All schools must understand that the Industrial Age has come to an end and that education cannot be dictated by the old ways any more.

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