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Apeejay School, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Name of the School               :            Apeejay School

Board :                                      :            CBSE

Type :                                        :            Day Campus

Address :                                  :            Nerul, Sector 21, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210

Classes :                                   :            Nursery – XII Grade

Mobile No                                 :            022 2774 5501

Brainfeed School
Excellence Award
Category                                   :          1. CBSE Schools,                                                                                                                                                                   2. Excellence in Safety and Security,                                                                                                                                   3. Excellence in Life Skill Education,                                                                                                                                   4. Excellence in Co-Curricular Activities.

Website                                     :                www.apeejay.edu

Brief About the School           :                                                                                                                                                                             Apeejay Education Society is committed to Quality Education of Global Dimensions, instilling strong character in its students, turning them into good humans for building a healthy society and strong nation. For close to four and a half decades, the Apeejay Education Society has been imparting quality education through its network of Apeejay institutions spread all over the country. At every Apeejay Institution great emphasis is laid on the development of integrated personality of students providing them with intensive training for a finely ingrained attitude of ‘Service Before Self’. ‘Soaring High is My Nature’ is the motto of Apeejay Institutions and they strive ceaselessly to live up to it in their quest for excellence, in all dimensions of education, and in life itself.

Source: School Website

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