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Applet for COVID Relief– Brainfeed in Conversation With Gowtham Srinivasan

Gowtham Srinivasan, a grade 11 student from National Public School, Chennai, talks with Brainfeed about his COVID-19 Relief applet and future projects


Please tell us about the COVID-19 Relief applet.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Sri Ramakrishna Math has been actively providing cooked food to those in need. One of the biggest challenges the catering team had to face was preparation of large quantities of food within a short span. So, we decided to build an applet that will send notifications to the catering and necessary teams to enable them to get the job done quickly and efficiently”.

In the entire conundrum of providing food and supplies, what kind of errors or inconveniences can one eliminate by using the applet?

I would like to point out the miscommunication across teams where the relief department forgets (due to overwhelming demand for relief from multiple quarters) to inform the catering department well before the deadline. This leads to last minute pressure/tension which could be minimized. COVID-19 Relief applet seeks to remedy this chaos.

Any other projects in pipeline?

This is my first applet. We are planning to participate in more hackathons in developing apps that could ultimately benefit society. We are working on a long-term project related to meditation using BCI Devices.

Looking back, how far has your textbook learning helped you in developing an engineering mind?

The textbook learning has helped somewhat in the theoretical part but, honestly, none at the practical level. I hope with the new education system brought out by the central government, things would change.

We are planning to participate in more hackathons in developing apps that could ultimately benefit society.


Please tell us about your internship experience.

The internship experience in Media Lab under various experienced mentors has helped me get introduced to a diverse range of industry-standard methodologies (RPA – Robotic process Automation, BI – Business Intelligence tools, IoT – Internet of things)  in a practical way which is almost impossible in a school setting. Doing my internship at an NGO like Ramakrishna Math, I have a sense of moral responsibility that the things that I develop using technology should be utilized only for the good of the society and I would like to keep this etched in my professional career too.

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