Recent study says Arctic Warming will cost the world a grave amount

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Arctic warming and climate change will become a very expensive issue for the world, says a recent study published in Nature Communications. It was also stated that it will cost something around $70 trillion globally.

Carbon is being released excessively into the atmosphere due to the rapid loss of Arctic permafrost. This is occurring due to the increase in temperature of Earth. This will become an expensive challenge in the next few years if it is not rectified soon.

The study states that if every nation follows the Paris Agreement and tries to keep the rising global temperature in check in this century within 1.50 Celsius, there will be a cost but it will be much lower than the given estimate.

Thawing of permafrost in the Alaskan lakes has been releasing 12 times more Nitrous Oxide than before. This chemical is almost 300 times more potent in trapping heat than CO2 and depletes the ozone layer easily.

“With climate change, we’re conducting a high-risk experiment where we don’t know what is coming,” said Kevin Schaefer, co-author of the study. He stated that we are already experiencing the consequences and mentioned “The most important thing to remember about our study is the greater the warming, the stronger the feedbacks and the higher the costs to society.”

The cost can be estimated by keeping two factors in account at present, Permafrost and loss of albedo (reflectivity of a surface).

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