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Are Live Online Courses as Effective as Traditional Learning?

Are Live Online Courses as Effective as Traditional Learning?

This is certainly a never-ending debate that has been bothering students as well as parents since the introduction of live online courses for NEET and JEE. Students who prepare for competitive exams like NEET and JEE find themselves in the dilemma whether live online courses are as effective as traditional learning or not.

If you are also among those people, here are some selected parameters ranging from classes to study material that will tell you how live interactive classes for NEET and JEE prove their efficiency and worth. Go on, take a look!


The only big difference between traditional and live interactive classes in terms of the lectures is that in latter, students get the coaching on a virtual platform instead of being in a physical brick and mortar classroom. Other than that, the guidance, experienced faculty and the syllabus taught are similar.

Moreover, learning through live interactive classes gives students the benefit of convenience. Some other advantages that live online classes offer include:

  • Doubt Clarification: Introverts or students who feel hesitated in asking doubts, can easily ask questions and get answers from the experienced faculty.
  • Replay the Lecture: In case you forget what was taught in the lecture, you can replay the classes and go through the important topic once again.
  • Self-Study: These also give the opportunity of self-paced study and not feel underestimated by other students in the class.

Travel Time, Money and Energy

This is one of the points where live interactive classes hold an edge over traditional learning. While you have to spend a significant amount of time, money and energy while traveling to the coaching center for classes, these elements are totally eliminated in online classes. Instead, you get the chance to study conveniently from your home, away from the hustle bustle.

Not just this, live online classes also do not cost as high as the traditional classes. Therefore, these have become one of the most sought-after learning programs for students who come from economically weaker sections.

Parents’ Interaction

Yes, this is true! Nowadays, online courses also offer the opportunity for parents to interact with the faculty and learn about their child’s progress. This also establishes their faith in the online course and ensures them that they have chosen the right option for their children.

So, if you are a parent and ever feel worried about your child’s studies, even in online courses you have the opportunity to opt for online parent-teacher meeting and get your doubts resolved by the faculty itself.


Live online courses are not just about education and guidance with great care; they also focus on other important aspects of learning such as revision and practice. For instance, live online classes offered by Aakash Live provide regular mock tests and quizzes that can improve your hold on different topics.

Not just this, you also get All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) that help you prepare well for the competitive exams. Moreover, the replay option of the lecture in live online classes also plays a vital role at the time of revision, helping you understand a topic thoroughly.

 Syllabus and Study Material

Interactive online courses offer a comprehensive study material to cover the entire syllabus effectively. You will also be given regular tests on chapters to ensure a strong hold on each and every topic. All the study material is specially prepared by highly experienced faculty who help you achieve your dreams through excellent guidance and education.

Final Words

Now that you have read some of the most important and beneficial aspects of live online courses, there is no doubt that you agree that these courses are as effective as traditional learning. Looking at the benefits like affordability and accessibility, live online courses are gradually taking the front seat and surpassing the benefits of traditional learning.

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