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Are you game for making a mark in game designing?

Are you game for making a mark in game designing?

Most of us love playing games and spend a lot of time on mobiles and computers. How do these games function and how is it installed is something that one always ponders. The people behind these games are ‘game designers’. The mobile application industry is booming in India and with it is gaming. Gaming is one of the largest segments of the entertainment industry and is considered a lucrative profession and a demanding career today.

Game designing is a combination of art and science. It comes under art category as the envisioning the storyline, content and rules of a game are concerned and it is a science whilst examining the psychology of the players, technology and their relationship with the game. A game designer should have a vision of what the game is as it goes through repetitions during its development cycle.

Are you game for making a mark in game designing?

In the last 10 years, the gaming industry witnessed tremendous growth to an extent that India is placed in the 5thposition in the mobile gaming industry. According to a NASSCOM report in 2017, the projected game revenue in the Indian market is to reach $1.1 billion that is a rise by 87 percent by 2020. The number of game development companies increased from 25 in 2010 to over 250 companies focusing on India today.

How to enter the field?

The minimum eligibility required for most of these courses is 10+2.

For obtaining an excellent career in this industry, qualification in the field of animation, graphic designing, game designing is necessary. Gaining knowledge of computer programming in languages such as C++ or Java is a must.

Prominent Institutes in India

  • DSK International Campus, Pune
  • Global Institute of Gaming and Animation – GIGA, Chennai
  • Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bengaluru
  • Academy of Animation and Gaming (AAG), Gurgaon
  • Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology Hyderabad

Brainfeed interacted with Laxmi Khanolkar, CEO and Founder, Apar Games, Mumbai who explains about the in and out of the gaming industry…

Why is gaming gaining so much popularity among the youth?

Mobile devices and the mobile internet penetration have made the entertainment easily accessible on phones. The free to play model of gaming has eased the player to try new games. With Apple and Google offering a marketplace, it has lowered the entry barrier. This has given a boost to indie game development versus tradition AAA and big companies making games.

What is the scope for game designing as a career in India?

Since the entry barrier has reduced and the consumer base is increasing, games have been an important medium of not only entertainment but also for education and a marketing tool. Game designing has certainly a great scope as a career in future.

How can an aspirant enter this field?

Gaming has various specialised areas like art, animations, UX, game designing, game programming and many more. It is important to have (although not mandatory) basic education for the above-mentioned categories. Working with a gaming company as an intern will certainly help. If you have free time and a desktop, simply start creating your own game, to understand the game development cycle.

However, for artists, it is important to join a team and learn along with the team to create game art for games.

Is there any age limit for entering this field?

No, not at all! Age doesn’t matter here. Everybody can create games.

What are the job prospects as a game designer?

One can become 3D asset creator, game developer, texture artist, multimedia developer, 3D animation artist, level designer, environment designer and there are many other opportunities in this field. An aspirant can join the company, which creates games for entertainment, education or corporate training or even advertising agency, using games as a tool of marketing.

What are the challenges faced in this job?

The game market is highly fragmented. In such an environment, companies have to think hard about positioning themselves as well as finding the right identity for their games in order to compete in the wild mix. Currently, since the monetisation is at an early stage in India, the salary brackets might be on the lower side. The crucial aspect of making a successful product is advertising. A game can be good, but if the people have no way of knowing about it, it will fail.

What are the skills required for an aspirant?

Aspirants should have the willingness to create something exciting and not be ashamed to fail and need to try it again till they succeed. One needs to have proper communication with team members, basic skills in drawing and visual design; strategic and systematic thinking and along with this creativity and imagination is a must. The hit ratio in games can be very low if you are using it to earn money.

Your advice to the aspirants…

Just be passionate, innovate and rediscover your own abilities.

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