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Arshan Vakil Founder & CEO Kings Learning

Startup    :  Kings Learning (English Language training)

Founder : Arshan Vakil & CEO

Website   :  www.enguruapp.com www.kingslearning.in 

Kings Learning is an edtech start up aimed at providing affordable English Language training. With over 9 million learners on consumer app called enguru, have completed 100+ app based enterprise programs split across three main verticals – corporate training including with Trent, Bosch, TCS, Himalaya, Canon, Oberoi, Grasim; CSR/NGO trainings including with Pratham’s PACE centers, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation and Voltas & Trent CSR programs with vocational institutes; and most recently Govt School interventions with pilots confirmed in Rajasthan, Karnataka and Haryana scheduled to start in June 2018.

Introducing new technologies will not replace teachers

Introducing new technologies will not replace teachers but compliment them through a blended learning approach. Teachers and schools can implement new services provided that the services are cost effective, easy to use and reduce teaching burden.

Each student is different and responds uniquely to different teaching methods – technology allows schools to identify which method fits students the best and this should be the basis on which students are divided into different classrooms. So not only can schools incorporate these different methods in a classroom, they should in order to make the learning experience unique and engaging for each child. In fact, we believe that a blended learning model of teacher-led face to face sessions (which includes role playing activities, games etc.) and app-based self-learning is the best way forward.

AR/VR will change pedagogy

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and big data will change pedagogy by giving each student more personalized learning experience. The cost of data has already dramatically reduced over the past year and the cost will fall even lower – internet connectivity will be ubiquitous across all schools in the country.

Will see a blend of teacher and tech wherever schools have access to quality teachers (urban areas) but more tech focused teaching in areas that are inaccessible to teachers.

Smart classrooms are here to stay

Smart classrooms have transformed the way students learn. This is true for both students who don’t have access to quality education in rural schools where there is a lack of teachers and for students in urban areas who need a more personalised learning experience and can’t keep up with the pace of the class.

Kings Learning has launched blended learning programs in government schools – students are more engaged and teachers can actually pair students up based on their levels to make learning more effective and fun.

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