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What a student standing at the crossroads needs the most is trust, support and blessings of the mentors. Considering the fact, Delhi Public School, Nashik bid the 10 th batch with the organization of  Aashirvachan on 19th  April  2022. The comperes for the event were Master Arya Khodke and Miss Akriti Kumar. The programme aimed at extending the best compliments and wishes to the students before their board examination. A peaceful and positive ambience was induced with the lighting of the lamp by the honourable Principal of the school Dr Pushpy Dutt which was followed by Saraswati Vandana.  Stress and anxiety among the students for the exam were alleviated by the motivating words of Principal ma’am. A poem by Mukta ma’am rose the spirits of the students. The ball rolled further with the speeches by Miss Sakshi Nikam and Miss Ishani Nikhade where they made the students nostalgic about the school days and what an instrumental role the school had played in grooming them. A glimpse of students’ wonderful moments was presented to them on the day under the segment ‘ In the lanes of memory’.  Bushra ma’am, the school counsellor oriented the students about summer internship and their benefits in choosing the right career path.   The event culminated on a positive note by serving the students with sweetened curd as a mark of an auspicious beginning and showering the students with earnest good wishes.

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