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Back to School Post the Pandemic

By AkshatKarwa, Deputy Senior School Prefect, Class XII, TheScindia School

Virtually this whole academic session was lived in an era of uncertainty. When the school closed in March 2020, we all felt that it was for a short time. The enormity of the pandemic had not dawned on us.  In our chats and calls among classmates we were confident that we will be back in our campus by July. Thanks to the tremendous effort put forth by our teachers, the academics did not suffer at all. We were in an online classroom in March itself. However, we missedour friends, the campus, physical interaction, and lot of other things that just can’t be described in words. Thanks to technology we were constantly in touch with our classmates and teachers, but it was just not the same.

Somewhere in November 2020, talks began on returning to the campus. The news came with a set of mixed emotions. On one hand we were excited to just get back and the other hand the anxiety of safety loomed. More than me, my parents were worried about safety. The school management and the entire staff did an amazing job of not only implementing a stringent safety protocolto ensure complete protection, but also engaging with us in communicating the steps being taken. Finally, when the date came, I was truly excited. I recall the number of calls and chats I had with my friends on all we would do after reaching the campus. But that would have to wait. The protocol of entry was stringent and detailed.

All students coming to the school had to be certified COVID negative with the test being conducted not more than 72 hours before they arrived. On arrival, thermal scanning was done& oxygen levels were read. All luggage entering the campus was thoroughly sanitized in an innovative scanner which the school has built itself.  The School kept us in junior house campus and moved us in our respective senior Houses after a 2ndCovid test was done and all students were safe.

The school has also implemented standard daily protocol. It includes sanitization of areas like the mess, the washrooms and other public places.Monitoring personal cleanliness, ensuring intake of healthy diet and & hygiene of all food has been top on priority.The dormitories have been redesigned to maintain adequate social distancing.Soap dispensers and sanitizers have been installed across the campus. All washrooms and touch points such as desks, doorknobs, taps, floors, and switches are disinfected at least 3-5 times a day.

Life at the campus is back to near normal. Following months of online interaction, physical discussions are truly enriching. We certainly did miss the laboratory experiments which we could not do online. Regular assignments, course tests, and group discussions have enhanced the academic rigor and everyone is working hard to maximize their potential. Non-contact sports and skill development exercises have begun too.

Weekends atScindia used to be a fun-packed whirl of sports fixtures, socials, trips into town etc. However, this is not possible currently. Our campus spread over 160 acres makes for a great canvas for creativity and play.It takes minimal effort to conjure up a memorable Sunday.

The lockdown has had a tremendous impact on me. It has made me value things that I took for granted. I learnt to contribute at leastmy share of the household work. I also learnt to value things that were not so easily available, and yes lockdown taught me to value my freedom and act more responsibly. As a class XII student, I only have a few more months on this wonderful campus. I wish I could spend some more time here!

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