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Baldwin Girls’ High School, Richmond Road, Bengaluru

Baldwin's Girls High School

Name of the School                    :             Baldwin Girls’ High School

Board                                             :             ICSE

Type                                               :             Day School

Address                                         :            90, Richmond Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

Classes                                          :            Nursery –  X Grade

Mobile No                                      :            080-40493000

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category                                       :            1. ICSE School,
                                                                    2. Best Academic Excellence School,
                                                                    3. Excellence in inspirational Leadership,
                                                                    4. Excellence in Safety Security,
                                                                    5. Excellence in Sports Education.

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About the School                   :           

Baldwin Girls’ High School, a member of the prestigious Baldwin group of Institutions, is run by the Methodist Church in India under the Chairmanship of the Bishop of the South India Regional Conference of the Methodist Church in India. Baldwins is renowned the world over for the quality of its education, inter disciplinary interaction within the multicultural community across a whole spectrum of cross cultural activities and intellectual development.

Founded in 1880 by the missionaries of The Methodist Episcopal Church,Baldwin Girls’ High School offers an outstanding educational experience, for into the traditional fabric of value based education is woven most intricately, technology aided learning/teaching- a blend as exquisite as its conventional and modern buildings.

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