Be Your ‘SELF’

How do you define ‘Self’? Is it a compilation of some basic character traits, some behavioural traits or much more than that? Is it important to develop self for the realization of goals? Does self-confidence count as an important trait? How does one search for self?

Though it is extremely difficult to define the word ‘self’ and understand the vast meaning this seemingly small word encapsulates, yet, one can surely conclude; if we reach an understanding with the ‘self’, we comprehend the intricacies of life and the world. The process through which we reach this understanding is widely known as ‘self-realization’ or ‘self-transformation’.

Poonam Jha
Principal, Sadhana Infinity
International School,


An essential key ingredient to reach ‘self-realization’ is self-confidence. It is the quality of living an effective, empowered and fulfilling life.

As individuals, it becomes imperative for us to be conscious of and rely on our own powers and abilities to think, speak and act purposefully and nurture the strong belief and courage to succeed.

To be able to succeed in life, and to reach a better understanding with the ‘self’, one needs to tread the untrodden path. Just as Krishna said to Arjuna, your ultimate essence is pure spirit, pure timeless awareness. You shouldn’t be affected by the opinions others have about you. Your ultimate focus  should always be your goal, your purpose – to succeed in life.

One important aspect which one should not forget, or deter from, is the path of righteousness. In fact, one has to be a warrior for righteousness, while being in the pursuit of knowledge. The knowledge, thus attained, would help one in differentiating right from wrong, correct from incorrect, black from white. This knowledge is also instrumental in providing a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment.

The next step to selfrealization is taking action. Lack of action results in self-doubt, worry, and anxiety. If one fails to act, one is caught in the vicious circle of mental turbulence, compulsive over thinking, and analysis paralysis. This further results in self-doubt. On the other hand, when one takes an appropriate action, one experiences a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

In today’s highly competitive world, it becomes very important for us to teach our children to take action, to seek answers, to kindle the fires of curiosity, to experiment, to explore the unexplored, to walk that extra mile, to stop worrying about the outcomes, to dare to be different, to move out of their comfort zones. These quests will bring with them a plethora of experiences, equip them with various skills and make them global citizens with the understanding to navigate their skills with ease.

Last, but certainly not the least, we must also teach, develop and inculcate the art of meditation and introspection amongst the learners. These skills would quieten the voices of doubt, indecision, fear and worry, and would give them the wings to soar high, to touch new vistas of success.

Hence, to conclude, it is imperative to help learners develop a well-defined personality, wherein the mind, body and soul work in tandem with each other. The learners develop a strong character, complimented with unwavering sense of self-identity and purpose. Firmness of mind, clarity and inner strength helps take on the world.

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