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Monday, January 27, 2020

Bengaluru engineering students invent device to help ambulances in traffic

Device to help ambulances

Students of Saptagiri College of Engineering have created a light sensor of sorts that will detect the light pulse sequence of the ambulance. This would help the traffic police who struggle to make way for ambulances stuck behind rows of vehicles at signals. The group, B S Nitin, B K Harshit, PrathikaV M and Dhanush Bharadwaj  H P are fourth-semester Electronics and Communication Engineering students.

“The electronics and communication functions of the system are implemented by two micro-controller boards in the traffic light unit and one micro-controller within the torch,” said the students.

“The traffic lights control system consists of a light code sequence detector mounted above the red traffic light, and a light pulse sequence emitting torch. The light pulse sequence is detected by a light sensor interfaced to a micro-controller. The torch has a micro-controller that produces a pre-determined sequence of light pulses, “the group said.

The students have invented the device under the guidance of their professors Dr Dinesh K Anvekar and Dr Sasmita Mohapatra

Since the light sensor is placed against a ‘conspicuous black-yellow pattern’ board, it will aid the ambulance driver in heavy traffic. “The light code sequence detector recognizes light sequences and signals the traffic light control circuit to switch immediately to green and allow the ambulance to pass,” they added. The invention has been filed for patent issue by the Indian Patents Office, they added.

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