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Bharadwaj Brothers – Twin Stars

Bharadwaj Brothers - Twin Stars

The twin brothers Yashraj and Yuvraj Bharadwaj, 18, are co-founders of 3 successful ventures- Zenith Vipers, Incuspaze and Ensure Equity. Reserving around 15 patents and working on approximately 36 Research Projects, they were honoured with the Karmaveer Chakra Award in the field of research and development. Being the youngest Indian nominees for Padma Shri 2018, they have also reserved their space in the Forbes Under-30 list this year. Radiating globally, this twin duo was one of the youngest invited delegations of India at United Nations Headquarters, New York. Bharadwaj’s company is the sole venture across the globe to qualify for Thiel fellowship, SF Fellowship and Start-up Istanbul for two consecutive years.

It was 2007 when the twins were very much into playing cricket. “Our father got us into ‘LB Shastri Cricket Academy’ in Delhi and we started playing for state and national levels.” Their coach suggested them to quit the study in order to focus entirely on accomplishing their dream of playing internationally. They gave up CRICKET and started the normal routine of schooling and tuitions like other kids. Why did they pull off the lever of this drastic decision? To digest this, we need to explore the Bharadwaj family.

“We come from a family which is totally into sports. They actually know the real hardships that harbour in that field.” Mr. Rajesh Bharadwaj, a gold medallist in National Level Shooting revealed the true face of a career in sports to his sons. “Our family wanted us to do something in the education sector instead of sports. From there our new journey started.” “We started working on the theories and got very fascinated with every technology that science shows were showing.” Full of doubts, these twin brains created lists of questions. “We started sharing our researches along with our queries with the scientists and speakers of various shows via e-mails.” Receiving no responses didn’t dishearten them but were infused with even more enthusiasm. Their determination to receive responses made them exert rigorously by reading scientific journals, books by greats like Stephen Hawkins, Laurence Claus, Abdul Kalam, etc. “After 6 months, the level of our doubts uplifted, and those people started reverting on our queries which was very fascinating for both of us.” For a year, getting up early morning, purchasing tons of books from the wholesale market and reading them thoroughly was now an indispensable part of their routine. This was how their journey started and with accomplishments at each step, there wasn’t any opportunity to look back.

Who inspired you to venture into this field? How did you stay motivated?

Stephen Hawking and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam are our idols. We are very unlucky for not being able to meet them in person. Dr. Kalam’s patriotism has always been an inspiration to us. We have read his journals, books and followed his work. We think that his patriotism and dedication for the nation is something we have to follow. For any researcher and science fan, he is the ultimate idol.

How did you both manage time for school as well as research?

Time is something which is very limited. It was a very difficult task because you have to give 8 hours to school, run to tuitions, finish homework and then comes the business. We had our own research programmes too. So we have actually reduced our sleeping hours and cut out all unnecessary activities like being active on social media, going out with friends or doing anything that is unnecessary for us. It’s been 4-5 years that we haven’t slept more than 4 hours a day. This is how we are managing our time.

If you are not getting enough sleep, how do you manage your health?

Definitely, there are health issues but now we are more focused. We are achieving, earning profits and reached a stability mode. Now, we both are taking care of our health but yes sleeping less actually affects your health and you have to take so much energy drinks and coffee.

There are many future students who are looking up to you, so what message would you like to convey to them?

I will suggest them to work hard, increase productive time and do not care about anything at the time, go sleepless if you have to. Once you are stable, you can focus on maintaining health and lifestyle.

What kind of qualities should one have so that they can be as capable as you?

We can only see two things, a good set of questions in the mind and a good determination to do something. With these two things, you can actually do anything.

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

To take our company to the next level, we promote research even without a degree. We don’t target any awards or achievements like that. The achievement will be the impact we are going to create. We are targeting 1 million people this year.

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