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Bhavuk Garg a 24-year-old college graduate is making pencils with newspaper waste

Bhavuk Garg, a young ambitious sharp mind graduate, while studying MBA from Jaypee Business School, Noida questioned himself, why not to focus on conservation rather than consumerism. This budding entrepreneur took a revolutionary step to create a pencil made by newspapers – ‘Newspaper Pencil’ using his business skills and knowledge.

Bhavuk Garg says closing your eyes will not change anything and things may get worse by the time you open your eyes. Hence it is best to keep one’s eyes wide open and reciprocate to our surroundings. This project’s main purpose is to create awareness among the people with eco-friendly pencils and even adding the fourth R i.e. Replacement in 3Rs — Recycle, Reuse Reduce and Replacement.

By running the campaign ‘Adat Badlo’ his aim is to explain to the people how a small thing like a pencil can bring change in the society and environment. The important points about the replacement as mentioned by Bhavuk Garg are:

  • Their aim is to reduce deforestation with newspaper pencils.
  • They are able to manage waste and recycle it with this practice.

Their team has around five to six people in Delhi and is even having a tie-up with organizations like Teri School of Advanced Studies & NGOs like Smile, Gunj.

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