Blue Bird High School – Panchkula, Haryana


Name of the School               :             Blue Bird High School

Board                                        :              CBSE

Type                                          :              Day School

Address                                    :             Sector 16, Panchkula, Haryana, 134109

Classes                                    :              Nursery –  XII Grade

Mobile no                                :              09041012583

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category                                 :             1. CBSE School
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                                                               3. Best Academics Excellence School
                                                               4. Excellence in  Sports Education

Website                                :      

About the School               :           

Blue Bird High School is nicely tucked away in the heart of Sector 16 Panchkula. From humble beginnings in 1989, we have grown to be a high reputed modern educational institution of 1500 students from all over Panchkula and neighbouring towns. However, it is not our size that defines us; it is the dedication of our teaching staff, commitment to high academic standards and above all, our passion for building future citizens of our country. Over the years, we have built an excellent track record of imparting a well-balanced, socially relevant, modern education to our students in accordance with the rigorous standards of CBSE board.

 Source: School Website

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