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Board Preparation Goes Online In Assam

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Under the initiative of the Board of Secondary Education Assam (Seba), teaching has come online for 4.32 lakh, registered class X students registered under the board. The subjects will be taught in Bodo, English and Assamese. SIQUES EQUAID LLP Data centre will play an active role in streaming the classes online. The entirety of Science, Mathematics and English subjects will be covered live on YouTube, Monday to Sunday from 5 pm to 6 pm.

The initiative to teach subjects is first of its kind as confirmed by R C Jain, the Seba chairperson. It would directly reach across 22,000 registered Bodo students in Assam studying under the board. He is putting active efforts to spread the word about leaning in Bodo within the students. “We started the programme on March 23 and we are getting almost 10,000 hits per day. The total views of the videos have crossed 7 lakh. Students and parents are interacting in the comments section with the teachers. Parents are showing interest in the initiative as we also follow the academic calendar,” Jain commented.

“In these 10 days we have received 7,000 subscribers for our channel on YouTube. Almost all digital learning platforms have been opting to teach in English. We thought of trying in vernacular languages as a medium of instruction. We are also trying in Bengali language,” as disclosed by Dhrubatara Bhattacharye, Eduaid educator.

To get the link, students are needed to send a message on WhatsApp typing SEBA to 9477994779. The entire content is available on the platform for students. Students who are preparing for Class X boards for the next academic year will be immensely benefited.

in a bid to keep learning interactive, a panel is introduced to encourage questions from students. Around 2021 High School Leaving Certificate aspirants are affected by the COVID-19 lockdown in the state.

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