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Name of the School               :              Bosco Public School

Board                                        :              CBSE

Type                                          :              Day School

Address                                    :            Sunder Vihar, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110087

Classes                                    :              Nursery –  XII Grade

Mobile no                                :              011 2528 4343

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category                                 :             1. CBSE School
                                                               2. Excellence in Sports Education
                                                               3. Best Academic Excellence Schools

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About the School               :           

The School The school is managed by Bosco Educational Welfare Society. It is functioning since 1985 under the supervision of highly competitive, dedicated and educated teachers. The school is affiliated to the central board of secondary education under the 10+2 scheme. Our institute offers a wide choice of activities – academic aesthetic and athletic – to provide an environment enriched with excitement, challenge and competitiveness. Physical Education &work experience are an integral part of the curriculum. To meet the demands of the management aims to prepare children for life imparting knowledge, skills, qualities and attitude & looks forward for true sincere cooperation from parents.

As an eminent educationist J.Krishnamurthi said ” Truth cannot be given to you by somebody, you have to discover it ; and to discover, there must be a state of mind in which there is a direct perception”.

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    Plot No: 47, Rd Number 4A, adjacent to Bose Edifice, Golden Tulip Estate, Raghavendra Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084

    Phone Number

    +917207015151, +918448737157


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